Hear from our customers - Chaoshui Xu

Chaoshui Xu.

University of Adelaide Associate Professor Chaoshui Xu takes great pride in seeing graduates go on to flourish in the mining industry.

He says Maptek support of the University’s Mining Engineering degree program has been integral in helping them do so.

‘Our degree program is relatively young, and we already have some very successful graduates who are now holding senior positions in various companies,’ Dr Xu says.

‘The technology (for example Vulcan) makes it possible for students to complete mine design and feasibility study projects on a real deposit within a reasonable time frame. This is important for their training as they can experience the entire mine planning cycle and understand the complete picture within a very tight program schedule. I recall my days at University when I had to do hand drawing using rulers and compasses for my design!’

Professor Chaoshui Xu with 2020 Maptek Mine Design project prize winners
Professor Chaoshui Xu (far right) with 2020 Maptek Mine Design project prize winners

The University of Adelaide Mining Engineering degree program was established in 2007 and has successfully produced over 300 qualified mining engineers who now work across different commodities around Australia and overseas.

Maptek has supported the program since 2009 through an annual Maptek scholarship to support high achieving students, provision of Vulcan software licences, comprehensive Vulcan training and tuition, and the annual Mine Design Prize awarded to the team submitting the best project in the mine design and feasibility study course.

‘The benefit to students is enormous. It provides them with the tools they need to complete their degree program. More importantly, they are exposed directly to the commercial software and receive comprehensive training so they are better prepared and more job-ready. The equipped skills also enhance their employability.

‘Maptek means smart technology for the minerals industry. Thank you for your continuous support to our mining engineering degree program at University of Adelaide. Our students benefit tremendously from this relationship and your generous support is highly appreciated. I am sure the technologies developed and being developed by Maptek will continue to serve the minerals industry for years to come. Happy 40th birthday!’