Maptek 40 years - Hear from our customers and partners

Customers are the centre of everything we do at Maptek and we are pleased to share their stories here

Richard Brehaut.

Maptek solutions play an important part in helping Richard Brehaut and PSM’s civil construction clients move from traditional 2D methods into the 3D world.

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Alison McQuillan.

An opportune meeting 10 years ago sparked a working relationship between Alison McQuillan and Maptek that is still going strong.

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Graham Burton.

TCM Electronics is proud of their local supplier connection with Maptek, according to Sales Manager, Graham Burton.

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Tony Morgan.

Senior Surveyor Tony Morgan has a long standing association with Maptek and its staff. This valued relationship has even resulted in a popular Maptek figure gaining a new nickname.

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Stefan Hrabar.

CEO and Co-founder of Emesent Stefan Hrabar welcomes the opportunity to build a digitally driven mining ecosystem with Maptek.

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Jared Broome.

For Perilya Geology Superintendent Jared Broome Maptek is the place he goes to get the resources he needs to do his geology and mineral resources estimation work.

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