Hear from our customers - Munkhjargal Chukhal

Munkhjargal Chukhal.

Mining Engineer Munkhjargal Chukhal, known as Mugi, was introduced to Maptek Vulcan when studying at the University of Adelaide in 2017.

Today she continues to work with Maptek products in her native Mongolia as Project Manager for IT Experts LLC - the official distributor of Maptek products in the country since 2010.

‘Since I have been working in the industry, major changes in Mongolia include shifting to more digital mining and using mining software to ease engineering jobs and improve productivity overall,’ Mugi says.

‘Companies are also investing in software that can add value to their project, improve productivity and workflow to estimate the value of their project, and change or update their long-term scheduling and optimisation.

Maptek 3D laser imaging system in action in Mongolia
Maptek 3D laser imaging system in action in Mongolia

‘The biggest benefit technology can bring is allowing engineers to pay attention to more strategic issues. The technology gives them more time and more visualisation and modelling options, which makes it easy to do further estimation and make decisions.

‘More efficient, accurate data can be obtained through technology which can lead to more scenarios and better data-based decision making. It also improves their workflow and adds value to their job and project overall.

‘The most important thing is that technology can lead to a safer mine environment.’

Mugi says Maptek solutions have become more seamless with better integration and ease of use.

‘For example, Automated Pit Designer gave us a chance to automatically and quickly construct a pit design with ramps.’

During 2020 IT Experts LLC managed the successful implementation of Vulcan and Evolution to one of the larger copper miners, Erdenet Mining Corporation.

‘The most satisfying part of my career is when I see that the customers are saving time and improving their work productivity. Also when they feel that the software is part of their workflow, which makes our job more valuable,’ Mugi says.

To Mugi, Maptek means leading in digitisation of the mining industry to deliver safer and more productive mining.