Meet our people - Andrew Myers

Andrew Myers.

Maptek is renowned as a company which develops technology, but for 34-year veteran Andrew Myers it’s the personal development of both himself and his colleagues that stands out.

Andrew has completed a PhD as well as fostered the talent of the next generation of software engineers while working at the vanguard of the field.

‘I was able to work on a PhD with Maptek around using laser scan data to create 3D models. This was doubly beneficial, because I was able to continue doing what I enjoy doing with Maptek while I advanced that personal goal,’ Andrew says.

‘I'm still involved in software development and now more involved in mentoring the new developers joining our team. So there’s probably more than a little bit of pride in seeing some of the new young people come in and get up and running in their careers.

As a ‘big chunk’ of his life has been with Maptek, Andrew says the anniversary is a good time to take stock and reflect on the business.

‘Maptek is a place where I can make a contribution, and I get appreciated for my efforts. Maptek is a place where I can pick up new software engineering skills and put them to use. Maptek is a place where I can be creative and have the satisfaction of seeing/knowing customers use the software that I've developed or been involved with,’ he says.

‘While we’re looking back there's still a lot of things to look forward to in the future so it’s a good milestone.’

He is particularly excited about the upcoming release of Vulcan GeologyCore, which will benefit users by giving them access to functionality from other Maptek software such as Eureka implicit modelling and DomainMCF.

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Andrew Myers talks about what Maptek means to him.