Maptek 40 years - Meet our people

Maptek staff are the backbone of our company. They are committed, energetic and enthusiastic about helping customers to solve their daily challenges.

Mhlonipheki Brilliance Mabhena.

Geologist and Mine Planning Solutions Specialist Solutions specialist Mhlonipheki Brilliance Mabhena is keen to expand his skills to continue to deliver the solutions that customers need.

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Kono Rodriguez.

Mine Measurement Technical Solutions Manager for Western Canada Kono Rodriguez has grown his Maptek career alongside the use of laser scanners for mine survey.

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Edia Briceno.

Senior Geologist Edia Briceno says Maptek culture transcends regional borders and she is lucky to have experienced this in her career.

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James Mackenzie.

Technical Solutions Specialist James Mackenzie was a student working at his first mine site when he had his mind blown by Vulcan and the responsive development for which Maptek is renowned.

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Badisheng Morena.

Mining Engineer Badisheng Morena counts being able to solve an immediate need and improve the drill & blast process for a customer in Africa as the highlight of his Maptek career.

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Linh Nguyen.

Vulcan software developer Linh Nguyen found her new home in Australia and at Maptek soon after arriving from Vietnam.

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PEter Iannella and Richard Buckley.

BlastLogic Team Leader Peter Iannella joined Maptek after winning a university scholarship backed by the company. He says investing in education is a key pillar of Maptek’s success.

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Giuliana Costa.

Giuliana Costa looks forward to learning and sharing new ways of working in her role as Mine Planning Manager for Southern Africa.

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Carrie Davidson.

Geologist Carrie Davidson enjoys the Maptek team culture and learning about different mineralisation and cultural diversity through her customer relationships.

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Rahul Suhane.

Mining Engineer Rahul Suhane believes a company with the experience and history of Maptek embracing the mindset and agility of young, entrepreneurial operations will do wonders for mining.

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Robb Yarger

Helping his team go paperless is one of the standouts for Robb Yarger, Vice President of Finance and Business, North America, in his 5 years with Maptek.

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Andrew Myers.

For Adelaide software engineer Andrew Myers it’s the personal development of both himself and his colleagues that stands out from his 34-year career.

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Caroline Burden.

Caroline Burden started at Maptek just as the global pandemic hit and she is proud of the way we quickly fostered new ways of working with our customers.

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Will Reid.

Development Strategy Manager Will Reid enjoys solving even the trickiest of problems and finds working at Maptek a constant discovery.

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Nick Venter.

NA Sales Director Nick Venter is excited about the future and relishes opportunities to apply tailored solutions to solve customer problems.

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