Meet our people - Andy Newman

Andy Newman.

Andy Newman, Global Development Strategy Manager is proud of the evolution of the Maptek laser scan survey business from its embryonic stage to manufacturing status today.

‘Mine measurement hardware and software solutions are solid contributors to customers and the Maptek business alike’, Andy says.

Naming a personal highlight of his 14 years at Maptek is ‘impossible's always been a team effort to apply elegant solutions to complex issues’.

He recalls a moment during a tough period for mining and MES suppliers that defined his attitude to customer relationships.

‘Maptek has always ridden the ebb and flow of the mining commodity cycle. The year 2013 saw a particularly big downturn and we needed to tighten expenditure.’

‘I was contacting suppliers where we had lodged Purchase Orders to explain the situation.’

‘I visited a small, local, family-owned supplier for whom Maptek provided a significant chunk of revenue. They were holding stock components for us and after listening to my problem they simply said one thing… "How can we help?"’

‘Their willingness to hear our position, understand and help was a massive relief. We worked through the issue and formed an even stronger business relationship.

‘This is the style of business relationship that embodies Maptek values. Values that we still embody today when we talk to customers and interact with each other.’