Meet our people - Badisheng Morena

Badisheng Morena.

Mining Engineer Badisheng Morena says Maptek represents highly quality products that are delivered by hardworking consultants who care about the clients we serve.

A personal highlight that exemplifies this is when in 2020 Badisheng helped the drill and blast team at Anglo American Mogalakwena operation to use the BlastLogic tie-up tool with every blast.

‘Maptek places great importance on providing timely, quality support to customers,’ Badisheng says. ‘This allows us to apply our knowledge and experience to solve their burning issues.

‘When I arrived at Mogalakwena, the drill & blast team was committed to participating in their global corporate BlastLogic rollout, but they didn’t know how to recreate the tie-ups inside the new system.

‘They explained the magnitude and direction of the burden response, having first used timing lines in BlastLogic to reliably replicate their tie-up design from another program.

‘When I suggested using Timing Roses instead, they took it on enthusiastically and now use BlastLogic exclusively for tie-up.’

The six Drill and Blast Engineers at Mogalakwena can now collaborate on tie-ups saved on the BlastLogic server and they are also building a database of tie-up designs, actual charge mass loaded and actual stemming length along with performance data to benchmark and measure continual improvement.

‘This achievement shines a light on how helping customers apply our technologies to their issue makes a difference in the overall technology space.’

Riaz Gangat, Drill and Blast Engineer, Mogalakwena

Mogalakwena Platinum Mine (Anglo American and De Beers Group of Companies) purchased BlastLogic from Maptek to assist the Drill and Blast Engineering Section to function effectively, Drill and Blast Engineer Riaz Gangat says

The system enabled the team to capture and analyse drilling and blasting information electronically.

‘Timing Designs and single hole firing was one of the main functions to be utilised by the design department,’ Riaz says.

‘At first, the desired outcome could not be achieved for the Mogalakwena Drill and Blast Engineering section.

‘Working together with the Maptek team in Southern Africa (Badisheng, Thonno Marshall and Milton Munkombwe) over time resulted in achieving the desired outcome.

‘The end result was a workflow that provided multiple scenarios and enabled the team to predict outcomes in the BlastLogic before any blast was executed.’