Meet our people - Carrie Davidson

Carrie Davidson.

Reflecting on her 9-year anniversary at Maptek in February 2021, geologist Carrie Davidson realised that team culture is a major strength of the EMEA region.

‘Our customers often get to know a few of us since we often collaborate on projects. I think this helps them feel part of the Maptek community,’ says Carrie.

In the midst of the continuing lockdown where people in the UK have been working from home since March 2020, Carrie appreciates being able to chat to people in other countries as part of her job.

‘Talking to people anywhere else is a highpoint in the day while we're unable to visit sites.’

‘I've enjoyed helping customer sites in West Africa to transition to Maptek Account for more flexible access to their licences. This has been a very positive outcome during a difficult period in our customer's operational climate.’

Carrie looks forward to the outcomes from the in-house geology project that will bring various Maptek modelling capabilities together in a streamlined offering.

‘Vulcan GeologyCore will be a great step forward for improving geology workflows and efficiency.’

‘Maptek means getting to meet people from many different backgrounds and learning something new from each of them – from details of mineralisation in parts of the Fennoscandian shield to the Ghanaian expression of welcome!’