Meet our people - Hope Lee

Hope Lee.

Software Engineer Hope Lee appreciates the opportunity to experiment afforded to her when working at Maptek.

Her first experimental project involved exploring better ways to visualise solid dependencies inside scheduling Evolution software.

‘It was exciting to be able to take an idea and collaborate with everyone to produce a working prototype,’ Hope says.

Simon Ratcliffe presents Hope Lee with the Maptek Prize for Computer Science, 2017.
Simon Ratcliffe presents Hope Lee with the Maptek Prize for Computer Science, 2017.

‘Throughout the process, I was able to share and discuss my progress with other interested developers (from the Evolution team as well as other Maptek teams) and they provided me with helpful feedback and ideas.’

It’s this camaraderie, along with the everyday problem-solving challenges, which Hope loves most about the company.

‘I feel confident that I can ask anyone in my team for help if I need it, whether it is for help brainstorming ideas or for an opinion or solving a problem I am working on.

‘I enjoy working with my team and I think we work well together, even if we don’t always agree on everything.

‘I get to do something I enjoy (working with code) with a great group of people.’

Hope, who was awarded the 2017 Maptek Prize as the highest achieving second-year University of Adelaide School of Computer Science student, began her Maptek with an internship later that year.

She is most proud of being involved with the integration of Evolution into the Maptek Workbench platform.

‘It was quite a challenge because I had never done anything like it before, and we had to make some significant changes to the underlying software infrastructure to make it work.’

Though new to the mining industry, Hope notes an increasing interest in environmentally conscious projects such as quantifying the environmental impact of mining and development of electric haul trucks.