Meet our people - James Mackenzie

James Mackenzie.

Technical Solutions Specialist James Mackenzie was a student working at his first mine site when he had his mind blown by Vulcan and the responsive development for which Maptek is renowned.

James was shown Vulcan by fellow surveyor, now colleague, Stephen Hoefler in 2002 and asked him what was so good about it.

‘He told me that if there’s something you want changed or added you just get on the phone or email and tell them about it and within a couple of months you’ll have a new version with what you requested,’ James says.

‘It just blew my mind at the time.

‘Here I am almost 20 years later working for the company and providing that change for people.’

Since starting with Maptek in 2012, James has noticed the generational change which has made computing part of people’s everyday work lives.

‘That’s exciting and it’s taking everything to the next level.

‘The amount of data people are able to gather and want to work with now is making the innovation side of software come on in leaps and bounds.’

He cites delivering on customer requests as amongst his proud work achievements and says there’s nothing quite like helping a customer reach an aha moment through personalised training.

‘When training I’ll always come and spend time with you and we’ll do the job together and I’ll help you streamline where you may be struggling.’

The Technical Lead for Maptek Workbench sees the platform serving as a welcome point for Maptek applications and unlocking greater integration of solutions through workflows and scripts.

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