Meet our people - Linh Nguyen

Linh Nguyen.

As the first place she has worked since moving to Australia from Vietnam, Maptek gives Linh Nguyen a feeling of ‘home’.

The company and her colleagues have been integral in the Vulcan software developer establishing her life Down Under.

‘I moved to Australia 10 years ago and have worked for Maptek since then, so it’s like Maptek is my home,’ Linh says.

‘I’ve learnt a lot about Australian culture and Australian people and most of what I’ve learnt comes from Maptek. It means a lot to me.’

Linh began her career working on bug fixes as a way of getting to know Vulcan software and notes that initiative and enthusiasm are rewarded at Maptek.

Throughout the past decade she has worked on countless Vulcan projects and was instrumental in the creation of Maptek Account licensing.

‘It’s amazing - a whole new concept for customer provisioning - and I’m proud because I was the one who built the fundamental structure for the Maptek Account client.

‘I had the chance to work with amazing people, in Sydney and in Adelaide.’

Linh is currently working on new drillhole planning tools, the first phase of which recently went live, much to her excitement.

‘It’s a great feeling for all of us who have contributed into the project - a wonderful moment.

‘Customers are very excited and eager to have this new tool as it will help them a lot in their daily work.’

She says communication with customers is crucial to developing the right software.

‘I think it’s the right approach that we go to the customer and understand their needs.

‘Maptek has been going for a long time - not many companies last 40 years - I think the secret is the people and the culture.’

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Linh Nguyen talks about what Maptek means to her.