Meet our people - Mhlonipheki Brilliance Mabhena

Mhlonipheki Brilliance Mabhena.

With almost 12 years at Maptek under his belt, Geologist and Mine Planning Solutions specialist Mhlonipheki Brilliance Mabhena is keen to expand his repertoire to continue to deliver the solutions that customers need.

‘I really appreciate waking up everyday to do what I love - building robust technical solutions for customers,’ Brilliance says.

‘Diversifying my skills will allow me to better understand the challenges that customers are facing. And the context of those challenges in terms of whole of mine decision support is really important.’

Brilliance is part of the Maptek team in Southern Africa that has grown exponentially in recent years alongside new solutions for mining customers.

‘We now offer agile, dynamic mine scheduling tools in Evolution and are gaining traction in the geological modelling space with our machine learning DomainMCF solution.’

Brilliance values a good working environment with knowledgeable colleagues and looks forward to sharing that knowledge with customers.