Meet our people - Nick Venter

Nick Venter.

One year into his position as Director of Sales and Technical Sales Support for the US region, Nick Venter remains excited about the opportunities Maptek has to solve mining problems creatively.

‘Before moving to North America I spent 8 years in the Johannesburg office, where Maptek grew from being a provider of two software products - Vulcan and PointStudio - to a multi-solution mining technology company’, Nick says.

He looks forward to seeing how our solutions will continue to evolve and improve industry outcomes. He tracks this by asking ‘Did we follow the path our customers needed to provide the right technology?’

Nick relishes tailoring solutions to meet client needs.

‘I recall when a customer in Africa was having challenges rolling out BlastLogic due to staffing constraints, we were able to provide one of our mining engineers to help. They really appreciated the support and we were able to ensure they got up and running with the system.’