Meet our people - Pete Shelton


When software engineer Dr Pete Shelton began his Maptek career as a Vulcan developer in Sydney in 1987 the company consisted of about a dozen people.

As the company celebrates its 40th anniversary with hundreds of staff employed worldwide, he reflects on what’s kept him involved and attracted other people to Maptek.

‘Vulcan is a very interesting product to work on,’ Pete says.

‘When I started in 1987 it really was the leading software in a field which has grown quite a bit since then.

‘We had our fingers in so many pies with the high level graphics and we were pushing the boundaries in many different areas.’

Maptek remains an organisation committed to breaking new ground, he says.

‘I think the really interesting approaches, and certainly that we're embracing at Maptek now, are Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

‘They’re the most exciting developments on the horizon over the next few years - and it’s exciting to find out just where this can take us.’

Pete has been struck by Maptek’s ability to retain great people.

‘A lot of people have remained around for much of Maptek’s growth and I think it is one of our biggest assets.

‘The depth of knowledge people bring to the business is what makes us what we are.

‘One of the key things is that Maptek allows people to pursue their ideas and take them where they will go.

‘Happy 40th anniversary Maptek - it's been great fun.’