Meet our people - Rahul Suhane

Rahul Suhane.

Mining Engineer Rahul Suhane believes a company with the experience and history of Maptek embracing the mindset and agility of young, entrepreneurial operations will do wonders for mining.

‘One thing I hope for the future is that Maptek can operate as a high efficiency startup, where working on value-creating technology and research goes hand-in-hand with an established organisation's due diligence and diversity,’ Rahul says.

‘I see us developing agile cloud-based technology that makes mines safer and more productive, with the long term sustainable value delivered to our customers prioritised ahead of immediate reward.’

‘I’ve noticed that Maptek is increasingly open to collaborative development, which creates value for us and our customers.’

Being able to deliver creative work at the end of the day is a key motivator for the technical consultant who concentrates on the drill & blast space while concurrently studying for his MBA.

He says it's sometimes possible to get caught up on an exciting idea without properly checking if it addresses customer needs.

‘If we focus on the problems customers are facing each and every day, and develop solutions in honest and open collaboration with them, the rewards will follow.’

Rahul particularly enjoys being able to work with customers to develop shared value for the industry. A good example is working with an iron ore customer to create a digital sampling workflow that is now delivering benefits across the global industry.

‘Data-driven techniques are the way of the future and Maptek is at the forefront of that push.’