Meet our people - Sergei Tsvetkov

Sergei Tsvetkov.

Business Development Manager (Russia and Central Asia) Sergei Tsvetkov is driven to help the region benefit from the array of Maptek mining solutions.

Sergei was proud to join the global company in February 2020 and is confident Maptek is a world-leading provider.

‘In my opinion, no one in the world can match the quality of the product line,’ Sergei says.

‘I am looking forward to the moment when customers from my region fully realise that a very serious supplier of innovative mining solutions is operating in their market.

‘I am doing my best to achieve that target!’

Maptek laser scanning solutions have already proven themselves in the market by speeding up the survey process several times over, he says.

‘The information received can now be safely processed by various divisions of the mine at the same time, without wasting time.’

Sergei says Maptek offers him the opportunity to develop professionally in one of the best companies in the world.

‘It is also nice to realise that with the help of our products, end customers really reduce their production costs, which means they increase their net profit.’

He thinks a great team, a clear understanding of the strategy and ‘100% confidence in what we do’ make Maptek such a good place to work.