Meet our people - Thonno Marshall

Thonno Marshall.

In just under four years working for Maptek, Thonno Marshall has seen the local team more than triple.

When the now BlastLogic Manager - Africa started in December 2017 as the BlastLogic Specialist Engineer there were 12 people in the entire African branch.

‘Since then, I have been part of the growing Maptek Southern African team which now consists of more than 40 staff across five departmental teams,’ Thonno says.

‘When I started in 2017 we were supporting three BlastLogic customer sites and currently we are implementing our 13th site.

‘Our aim is to provide and service a world class system.’

He says Maptek offers an exciting career environment and represents the future of mining, regarding mine design perspectives, realistic and practical approaches and proactive decision-making techniques.

‘Maptek means creating relationships with clients from all aspects of the mining industry, and being supported by innovative and dedicated colleagues motivates me to improve my knowledge, the application of solutions and quality of service to my clients.

‘Working for Maptek provides a journey, taking one to new and unique places, which I always look forward to.’

Seeing a client recently commit to BlastLogic after he and colleague Gideon Slabbert had worked with them since 2018 to build a trusting, long-standing relationship is one of Thonno’s proudest moments in his Maptek career.

‘I see it as massive confidence in the capability of BlastLogic,’ he says.

‘We are very excited for the implementation stage that will take place in the first quarter of 2022.’

Thonno says the Maptek technology roadmap contains many exciting new developments, including cloud computing and strategic machine learning technologies.

He looks forward to being an active role player in the creation and implementation of these ground-breaking new mining tools and seeing them mature.