Meet our people - Will Reid

Will Reid.

Working at Maptek is an experience of constant discovery for Global Development Strategy Manager Will Reid.

He says sometimes a problem posed by customers might seem 'really crazy' at first, but they are always interesting to solve.

‘There isn't a day that goes by that I don't learn something new, or discover a nuance about the mining industry - it always makes me think 'that’s super cool',’ Will says.

Upgrading and maintaining the Evolution Cloud Service is something he has taken the most pride in since joining Maptek 4 years ago. This unique system allows customers to process jobs using the power of the cloud.

He's noticed a considerable culture pivot around how Maptek develops its software, and a transition to quicker, more agile processes and thinks the future lies in products with a high degree of interoperability.

‘Supplying a complete life of mine team with all the software they need from the Workbench really excites me.

'What do you use at your mine?’ …. ‘Oh, we have the Maptek platform.’