BlastLogic, Powerful 3D graphics and automated functionality

A trend in the industry that resonates with Maptek’s research and development focus is the need for stepped changes in technology that allow time-poor personnel to complete both complex and routine tasks effortlessly.

Leveraging Maptek’s 30 years expertise in 3D modelling, our new BlastLogic drill and blast system delivers both ease of use and ease of viewing.

The spatial location of a drill pattern derived from mine planning systems such as Vulcan is displayed, along with known in-pit variations like as-drilled dimensions obtained from high precision drill navigation systems, or hydrographical and fallback data from field surveys.

Critically, BlasLogic provides immediate access to disparate drill and survey data that allows engineers to quickly adapt a blast design to the realities in the pit. As a result blast performance can be optimised along with subsequent downstream processes such as dig rates, and processor throughput.

Automated functionality embedded in BlastLogic allows users to validate as-drilled holes to design within site defined parameters. This procedure flags any holes outside of design specification, allowing for quick decisions on re-drill or backfill that optimise available resources.

Generation of dip, backfill and charge sheets by user-defined pattern is completed at a click of a button. BlastLogic also calculates the required backfill rate. In the case of a charge sheet, the system determines the placement, type and amount of explosive materials pertinent to the site load design parameters.

Another clever automated feature is the time-dependent fallback analysis derived from the collated dipping data in BlastLogic’s SQL database. This enables the optimisation of over-drill across a pattern or zones in the pit given a known lag between drilling and blasting.

My next blog will discuss the post-blast evaluation capabilities of the system.

Mark Roberts
Business Manager, Mine Operations
August 23, 2011

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