BlastLogic enters the market

Introducing a new product to the market is an enormously satisfying achievement considering the months, or even years of dedicated hard work invested into its creation. Certainly that is the case with Maptek’s innovative new drill and blast accuracy management system – BlastLogic™ – that was officially launched in April at the Australian Users Conference.

What is distinctive about BlastLogic’s development is the customer collaboration. This has enabled Maptek to shape the technology knowing it will deliver real benefits to our customers. This is an established philosophy at Maptek, but here we have sought industry input at the very start of the process. We know that BlastLogic will be able to solve our customers’ problems.

Specifically BlastLogic brings together the datasets associated with a surface mine’s drill and blast operations. In providing easy and immediate access to variations in plan, the system opens up a more logical way to validate as-drilled data and create a blast hole load design that maximises accuracy, mitigates risk and minimises waste.

Another powerful tool in BlastLogic is the concise compliance reporting that delivers quality assurance and quality control. This provides for the quantitative tracking of KPIs across drill & blast activities. For example objective analysis of drilling accuracy compared to plan.

Grouping the reports in a searchable database, including videos, photos or laser scans used in blast evaluation, creates the environment for continuous improvement of the drill & blast process. Importantly it also provides a transition from knowledge developed and learnt by miners in the field, into documented formats which can be used to fast track personnel inducted into drill & blast operations.

The next BlastLogic blog will focus on how the system has leveraged off Maptek competencies in 3D graphics and powerful automated functionality.

Mark Roberts
Business Manager, Mine Operations
May 30, 2011

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