Adding value with Vulcan Technical Services

After more than 30 years in the business of developing the industry’s premier 3D geological and mine planning software, Maptek knows all too well about the value of its clients. That value helps Maptek re-invest in innovative software and hardware technologies for the benefit of existing clients, and new ones alike.  

We also realise that your investment in our products is only the first step in developing robust solutions for your everyday challenges or strategic projects. This is why part of the re-investment goes toward maintaining a first-class technical support and services network. Whether it is for product support, training or consulting services, staff are on hand to work with the client and deliver solutions.

How does this equate to Maptek adding value in return to clients who have already made a significant investment?

As the mining sector endures yet another cycle of turbulence and uncertainty in prices and markets, perhaps there is no better time than the present to demonstrate the answer.

Right now, we are more conscious than ever of the added value of providing Vulcan technical support and services to our clients. This is about our clients getting the most out of what they already own, especially when they might be short of time and resources.

Drill rigs may have to stop and mine outputs may decrease, however, now is the time to protect valued assets and plan for the future. Re-organise your data, re-estimate your resources, re-optimise your designs or train your core staff – all at a tiny fraction of your capital spend.

Through training and consulting services Maptek has helped a major gold producer develop its advanced Vulcan geological modelling skills in operating West African mines; to a level where they have rolled out the process internally. This has given ownership to local users who, by having the best knowledge of the deposits and their yields, can add value by increasing the mining efficiencies – and whilst controlling costs.

When it comes to understanding the value of your mineral assets, there is no better place to start than with Vulcan. Nobody will know Vulcan like our qualified and experienced geologists and engineers; just as our clients do, we grow with our products.

Mining is a long-term business. Do you want to be ready for the next upturn or convert your results into better returns? Add value with help from Maptek Vulcan technical services.

Colin Comberbach
Technical Services Manager - Europe
September 6, 2013

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