ALS CoreViewer™ in Maptek Vulcan

Maptek Vulcan users with a Webtrieve™ account through ALS Minerals can benefit from a new interface in Vulcan.

In the Vulcan Drilling Utilities menu, users have access to the CoreViewer™ option. When activated, they can select a point along a drillhole in Evisage and instantly be directed to that particular section in their CoreViewer™ portal. CoreViewer™ users have the capability to submit core photos, and manage, archive, and plot geochemical and hyperspectral data alongside the photograph.

Additional benefits include:

•           Interrogation of geochemical anomalies

•           Interactive inspections of geotechnical and geological features

•           Long term on-line photo archival

•           Secure, encrypted Webtrieve™ data system



The integration saves users time by quickly displaying their 3D core data, and providing rapid validation for geological and engineering decisions. This speeds interpretation, aids collaboration, and provides rapid validation for geological and engineering decisions in the complex mine planning and design process.

The CoreViewer™ interface is available to clients who have a Webtrieve™ account and can be found in the Vulcan Drilling Utilities menu. For more information about CoreViewer™ please contact your local Maptek office.

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October 9, 2013

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