Assisting companies with pre-feasibility studies

Maptek is regularly contacted by companies who are interested in completing pre-feasibility and feasibility studies.

We help by providing additional resources for the clients, both Vulcan and non-Vulcan users, so that solutions can be delivered in a timely and accurate manner. Providing a Vulcan expert to complete the work gives clients the solutions and data they need to move forward.

As a member of Maptek Vulcan technical services, I am often assigned to help with these studies. This role usually includes working with the clients and other consultants to deliver detailed models and mine designs. We provide added value throughout the modelling and design process, and use parameters supplied by the client to produce their desired results.

I recently helped a non-Vulcan user who was evaluating a deposit to be mined using underground stoping methods. The client had several internal people as well as consultants working on the study.  As they approached their deadline it became apparent that more resources would be needed to complete the study on time. At that point they reached out to us and expressed an interest in having our engineers help with the mine design.

Using guidelines established by the client, we then provided two scenarios for consideration.  First, we constructed the mineable shapes, and then used the existing mine infrastructure to lay out development in the mining areas. In about two weeks, per the client’s request, we delivered the scenarios – each using separate extraction methods.

It’s always rewarding when our designs are incorporated into the following stages of planning. In this case, the client was so impressed they even purchased Vulcan in the end!

If you are interested in working with Maptek on a pre-feasibility or feasibility study, contact us here >>

Jesse Oldham
Product Market Manager
May 6, 2013

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