Become a drillhole data master in Vulcan!

As a geologist you have a lot of information to consider. Drillhole data comes in with geological logging, assay results, and a wealth of other observations… it can be hard to keep track of it all!

Fortunately Vulcan offers various methods for viewing drillhole data. Choosing the optimal view will make it easier to analyse the information.

However, with so many options it’s easy to forget to change the display for different data types.

In these videos Vulcan Technical Services Consultant, Claire Avenell shares her tips for making the most of your drillhole data.

Start with Vulcan Bite Size – Tips & Tricks: Displaying drill hole data. In this video Claire takes you through the Geology menu using a copper-sulphide dataset. This contains drilling legends for copper, rock type and sulphur, pattern legend for copper and scale legends for copper and sulphur.

For more detailed information, take a look at Claire’s other videos: Vulcan Bite Size – Tips & Tricks: Geology > Drilling Utilities > Create/Modify Locate – An indepth look at the Create/Modify function located in the Geology menu.

Vulcan Bite Size – Tips & Tricks: Geology > Drilling Section – A detailed review of functions in the Drilling Section sub menu.

Watch Claire’s videos and become a drillhole data master!

Technical Services
September 22, 2014

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