Custom training solutions

Whether you acquired Maptek Vulcan days, months, or maybe even years ago, training is something Maptek will always provide. We often provide services to experienced Vulcan veterans, as well as brand new or intermediate users. You let us know the obstacle you or your team is facing, and we will provide the path around it.

I am frequently approached by clients interested in training, but unsure of how to justify the costs to their manager. Sometimes clients will have a limited amount of time to commit to training, or maybe they cannot travel to their region’s local Maptek office to get the support they need. Whatever the case may be, we will provide you a solution that will help you become a more efficient Vulcan user, which will save you costs in the long run.

Also, we won’t simply provide a generic training program. We take the time to listen to your needs and challenges, and build a specific hands-on training program with real-world scenarios to ensure that you can quickly apply your new skills.

For example, a few weeks ago I had a client who was curious about the new enhancements to the Haulage Profile tool in Vulcan 9. After discussing what he wanted to achieve, as well as his budgetary constraints, we decided on a half-day of Customised Online Training. The client was able to focus on the new aspects of the tool in a one-on-one setting without worrying about travel expenses or being away from your work for too long.

Start building your own training plan, visit our training pages or contact your local Maptek office.

Desiree Wentland
Technical Services Manager
March 5, 2014

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