Customer education: The choice is yours

Maptek has a long tradition of investing in customer education and training. Over our 40-year history, we’ve learned how important it is for our customers to understand how to leverage Maptek solutions for their unique mining challenges. That’s why we continue to focus on developing convenient ways for our customers to educate themselves on our solutions. The goal is to empower our customers to understand the applications and find creative solutions to their complex daily challenges. We believe when our customers are successful, we also succeed at our jobs. 

Over the years, Maptek has continued to evolve training offerings to suit unique learning styles and offer greater flexibility with busy schedules. Here are a few questions for Maptek customers to consider when thinking about training: 

  1. Do you like to engage with an instructor, or do you like to learn at your own pace?
  2. Do you enjoy learning with others, or do you enjoy learning alone? 
  3. Do you enjoy an in-person setting? Hybrid learning? Or do you prefer an exclusively online learning environment?
  4. Do you want to use Maptek standard training data or your own?

Once you have thought about your learning preferences, you are ready to explore the different training experiences.

Online Training 

Maptek online asynchronous training means mining professionals work at their own pace, on their computer, using their licence. Online Training courses include data sets, step-by-step guidance, and knowledge checks. 

Current online course offerings cover Maptek technologies such as Vulcan, BlastLogic, and PointStudio and take you through popular concepts such as importing/exporting data, mine design basics and optimising blast patterns. Our Online Training team is always adding new course material and updating our current training content to keep learners as informed as possible.

‘I enjoy the online training for learning the basics, mostly because it’s self paced and if a part is confusing it’s much easier to go back through it to fully understand the basic concepts!’

Drake Muth, Maptek NA Summer Intern

Instructor-Led Training (Remote & In-Person) 

This synchronous learning option entails an instructor sharing their screen and walking mining professionals through step-by-step demonstrations, class activities, case studies, and where and how to apply the tools. These synchronous learning courses include data sets, step-by-step guidance, class reference notes, and in-session knowledge checks. Discussions between attendees and instructors are engaging, revealing insights around technologies for mutual benefit. 

Maptek offers more than 55 courses for our products, with several instructor-led options outlined below. 

Regional Classroom Training

Classroom training involves courses comprised of mining professionals from different backgrounds, companies, and mining operations. Attendees learn how to use Maptek solutions in a broad spectrum using standard datasets for real-world applications. In-person and remote options are available. 

Custom Classroom Training

This option takes classic classroom training to another level of customisation. Learn in a classroom setting with mining professionals from your mining operation. Companies and teams can customise topics and the data used. This approach benefits mining operations with unique geology, mine design or geotechnical features. It can also be a great way for colleagues to bond and form interpersonal connections that boost productivity and job satisfaction. In-person and remote options are also available for classroom training. 

‘This was by far the best course/training/class I’ve ever had in my life. From kindergarten to now.’

Jacob Hannah, Grupo Mexico Asarco

Hybrid Learning Programs 

This option offers customised plans that leverage Online Training courses and instructor-led training. It allows mining professionals to benefit from both online and synchronous training to ease their way into learning Maptek solutions while making the best use of their time. This option has become increasingly popular as it integrates well with busy professional schedules and is highly flexible. 

‘We’re noticing a positive response in uptake when we bundle various training options into the solution rollout. Customers appreciate the flexibility to assign staff to training that allows them to remain on site and fulfil daily commitments alongside learning the new tools.’

Maptek Technical Services Manager

Training Setting

Different learning experiences require a variety of training settings. For example, a classroom environment is not the best option for every Maptek solution. Some Maptek technologies such as our Lidar scanners, Sentry systems, and mapping solutions require a field-based training setting for best results. Over the past few years we have developed ways to accommodate this type of training in-person or remotely to suit the customers. 

Where to begin?

Once you have identified your learning preferences, we encourage you to work with your local Maptek office to explore the learning options that work best for your specific needs, budget, and timeframe. Our customer education professionals are ready to walk you through the best options for your situation and help you succeed with your Maptek solutions.

Maureen Moore
Technical Services Manager & Training Program Lead
August 15, 2022

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