Discover the Vulcan Geotechnical toolbox

Vulcan Geotechnical toolbox is well equipped for geologists and geotechnical engineers. Intuitive tools for displaying, calculating and analysing geotechnical information allow you to confidently develop comprehensive structural databases. 

Information can come from a wide range of sources, with your drillhole data automatically imported. Importing other geotechnical and mapping data is simple.

You can map features ‘on the fly’ onto digitised data with Vulcan – you might have a scanned hand drawn map, digital photos or high quality laser scan data. All of your edits and additions are updated automatically to the geotechnical database.

Now the real fun can begin, with streamlined tools for conducting interpretations in the interactive 3D environment.

See how effective the Vulcan Geotechnical toolbox really is with this video tutorial.

Learn how to create daylight windows, friction cones and toppling windows. Apply the data to conduct in-depth analysis of your mine structures. Analyse the stability, rock dynamics, constraints per rock type and rock mechanics for specific areas and change the mine design parameters based on the results.

So now you might be wondering how you can share this information. It’s not necessary for everyone to be running the Vulcan Geotechnical menu. This video explains how to export data to pass onto to others in your operation.

It’s never been so easy to keep your Vulcan geotechnical database up to date. Make the most of all your available data – you never know when it might come in handy!

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May 27, 2015

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