EXPOMIN 2012 – The Center of Global Mining

A few days ago we participated in EXPOMIN 2012, one of the largest mining trade shows in South America. Companies and mining industry professionals from around the world gathered in Santiago Chile to display their products and services. Maptek, obviously, could not miss this opportunity.

During EXPOMIN2012 our efforts were primarily focused on showing customers and users our new product, the 64-bit version of Vulcan, which was very well received by many – especially those who waited a long time in advance. We demonstrated all of its characteristics and main differences compared to previous versions. Several visitors wanted to test this version with prepared loading data, and as a result they were able to see the benefits of working on the new Vulcan platform.

Our stand was visited by hundreds of people impressed by the large TV screens that were constantly showing corporate videos and interviews of clients talking about the quality of our products and services. No doubt everyone had a good impression.

It’s at times like this where we recognize how important our products and services are for the client, as well as the commitment that we share with them. We are very pleased when a customer comes to our booth just to thank us for the support Maptek provides in their daily tasks. They are thankful to have a 100 percent dedicated support team and, above all, they are  thankful for a longstanding client/staff relationship of more than 10 years.

Fabián Toro
Sales Manager - South America
April 30, 2012

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