Export Vulcan data to 3D PDF

Did you know you can easily export Vulcan data direct to 3D PDF?

The interactive 3D PDF allows you to share your Vulcan data with non-Vulcan users, or users who may not have immediate access to the software. They can view and analyse models without needing Vulcan.

All you need is the latest version of Adobe Reader and Vulcan 8.2 or later. The option is found under File>Export. Choose ‘PDF’ as the output and simply select from the data types to display:

  • Block models
  • Design data
  • Triangulations

The 3D PDF is quickly generated. You can zoom, rotate, turn data on/off, make data visible/invisible. Create your own views to add to the standard ones provided – Front, Back, Left, Right, Top, Bottom. You can annotate models with tonnage, grade, cut offs etc. to highlight information for your audience.

Vulcan Technical Services Consultant, Quan Tran, provides a step by step guide on how to create your own 3D PDF in this Bite Size video.

Click here to download the 3D PDF Quan creates in the video
(Make sure you open the 3D PDF in  Acrobat Reader or Acrobat Pro. If your web browser attempts to open the 3D PDF with its built in viewer it will not display!)

Technical Services
August 20, 2014

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