Integrating products and services is the future

Maptek is the global leader in mining technology. We have been successfully developing, delivering and supporting technical systems for the world’s best miners for almost 35 years. We have built a suite of quality solutions across the mining value chain – ranging from resource definition and modelling, to scheduling, survey, planning, design and reconciliation, through to production tracking and reporting. These are impressive capabilities and deliver huge value.

We are now about to embark on the next stage in our evolution. No other company can offer as complete, or as high quality technical capabilities to miners. However, we are aware they want more than individual product features. They want an integrated, end to end technical management system. They also want to be able to better leverage the skills of their staff and their mining data across an operation.


We recognise the delivery of value does not stop at the neat boundaries of individual product functionality. Data generated or used in a certain processes can have great value at many other points within the mining value chain. Users can be more productive and valuable by working with integrated workflows and by using technical systems that provide automation to large parts of the business and the technical processes applied to mining.

Our customers gain efficiency and value by sourcing larger pieces of the technical application environment from one vendor. They are open to using new technology, such as the cloud, and can see the business benefits in doing so.

Maptek is changing to meet these new demands. We are strengthening our position as the complete technology partner for mining companies. We have vast skills and experience in applying all of our products to a range of mining problems.

implicit modelling

To better meet customer needs we will transform our sales and services capability to be multidisciplinary. We will create teams in each region who can provide the best access to any solution we can offer. We have technical and project services to support these solutions and will deliver these with a unified approach.

We will also develop our products in a more coordinated manner. Our target is to provide a single value proposition based around mining technical systems and focused on integration, quality and productivity. We have great potential to do this now and already have some great examples of success.

Our products can contribute to our customers goal of performing better and increasing profits, but we need to remove the data and process barriers between them. To do this, we will use new technology, we will innovate and we will continue to lead the way in mining technology delivery.

Peter Johnson
Managing Director
July 14, 2015

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