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Increasing efficiency and accuracy is a main priority for mining companies. Millions of dollars will be spent on programs and technology that promise to maximise production and provide confidence in investments.

Operations and processing departments have been finding and implementing new strategies and technologies with these goals in mind for years. Although they are frequently looking for ways to improve current processes, the engineering, geology and surveying departments are often overlooked.

Companies rely heavily on the information provided to them by engineers, geologists and surveyors, but many operations can be reluctant to adopt new strategies for accomplishing tasks within these key departments.

Despite living in a 3D world, many engineers still create designs and schedules based on toe and crest lines, assuming that every bench is flat and that two lines are good enough. Some geologists still stand directly under a highwall and map structures for hours. I frequently see surveyors still using a handful of points collected with a GPS to represent large areas.

Maptek I-Site laser scanning systems allow engineers to create designs using surfaces made from comprehensive point clouds. I-Site allows surveyors to collect those points faster and safer. It also allows geologists to map areas from scan data, eliminating the need to stand under a highwall in inclement weather.

The entire mining process becomes more efficient when I-Site is used. This is because every department downstream in the process relies on accurate calculations and plans, which I-Site provides. Companies that have implemented I-Site recognise the value of added efficiency almost immediately. Since a 360 degree scan can be completed in well under 4 minutes, time spent gathering data decreases, therefore increasing safety. Schedules and volumes become more precise. And since all this data is being gathered from a distance of up to 2000 meters, there is no need to stop equipment while collecting data, keeping production schedules consistent and surveyors safe.

In an up and down market, and in an industry that is constantly striving to achieve more, adopting new technology within key departments is a win-win. Spend a dollar today in order to save two dollars tomorrow. Increase productivity, accuracy and safety. Maptek provides the knowledge and technology to help your site maximise its efforts, and make your investment worth every cent.

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Clayton Deutsch
Mining Engineer
May 24, 2013

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