New features for I-Site point cloud processing software

Version 3.6 of the Maptek I-Site Studio point cloud modelling software is expected to be released later this year. I tried out a few of the new features recently and can report that it’s pretty cool stuff.

Clients that use terrestrial based laser scanning systems also on occasion get aerial data files in the .las standard file format. We have heard that they would like to bring the .las files into the point cloud processing software and combine it with their ground based data.

The .las standard includes classification for each point in the point cloud. Studio 3.6 has a new feature allow users to filter the point cloud by .las classification. It’s a pretty slick tool for removing vegetation and leaving the ground points.

Maptek builds the current I-Site 8800 scanners with an integrated camera, just like the earlier 4400 series. So I-Site software software automatically allows users to view this image “draped” over the point cloud in 3D. Some clients have asked for the ability to bring an image captured with an external camera into I-Site Studio software and register it to a point cloud.

While using a new feature in Studio 3.6, I simply brought the point cloud and photo into two tiled views, and  selected about 10 points in the photo. I then selected the same points in the point cloud and ran it. Simple as that! The feature reports the validity of the registration, giving users a guide to the accuracy of the process.

We’ll be demoing I-Site Studio and the I-Site 8800 laser scanner at the upcoming SPAR conference in Houston, TX from April 15-18. Stop by the Maptek booth to see the latest scanning technology on offer.

John Dolan
Senior I-Site Solutions Manager
April 16, 2012

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