New in Vulcan 9 – Implicit Modeller

In Vulcan 9, Maptek will introduce its Implicit Modelling tool, which combines an innovative use of well-known and validated estimation techniques with the power of Vulcan’s block modelling and geomodelling environment.

The result is a tool that can build 3D models quickly, allowing the geologist to maintain full control of the models. Vulcan Implicit Modelling creates models of multiple domains that are consistent with each other and produce high quality models.

Multiple scenarios can be run, preparing both solids and block models for the next stage in modelling the deposit. There is no need to re-code the block model; that is now standard workflow in Implicit Modelling.

The tool allows users to take drill hole data as the single data input for the process or user-defined structural control, including structural trend surfaces and interpretation polygons.


Vulcan Implicit Modelling lets the geologist take control and transfer his knowledge of the orebody to the creation of a 3D model in minutes versus days.

Implicit Modelling is part of the standard geology tools, available in all GeoModeller and GeoStatModeller configurations in Vulcan 9, and is available to users at no extra cost. We invite all our users to use this new and exciting tool as part of their modelling process. It will help you save time, and produce high quality and consistent results.

 For more information or to schedule a demonstration, contact your local Maptek office.

Fabián Toro
Sales Manager - South America
December 24, 2013

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