New tools for drill and blast

In the same way that new apps on your smartphone add value to information from the web, emerging tools in mining software open the door to more productive and cost-effective operations. New tools in the upcoming version of Maptek BlastLogic, our blast accuracy management system, will further enhance the value of this software to the mine operator.

In BlastLogic 1.1 we have enabled a more sophisticated charge plan so mines can vary the energy factor not only across different holes but also within sections of each hole, in a single blast. The sections are automatically defined by the points where one or more surfaces intersect the hole. This feature will enhance accuracy in coal mines through-seam blasting, while hard rock mines can tailor a charge plan to the hardness horizons defined within the blast.

To further simplify and speed-up the charge design process, the new cross sectional profile mode allows users to QA and modify charge placement relevant to water level, surfaces and intervals. Users can do this by direct manipulation of individual or multiple decks within a hole, or across multiple holes by row and echelon.

BlastLogic 1.1 also closes the loop on design and outcomes by reconciling actual used explosives, and capturing and reporting on various observed blast performance data.

Workflow between mine planning systems like Maptek Vulcan and BlastLogic have been improved. Drill designs and geophysical data can now be imported directly from Vulcan database files to the BlastLogic database. Once the charge design scenario is finalised, users may apply any associated charge rules, making short and medium-term planning more flexible and efficient.

By using information in clever, new ways, the latest tools in BlastLogic make drill and blast management smarter and more adaptable, enabling quick and accurate results.

Mark Roberts
Business Manager, Mine Operations
April 30, 2013

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