Partnering for success

To be successful any business needs both a product and a customer. Maptek has always recognised the importance of long-term relationships with customers. More and more, the nature and drivers for business success are changing. Gone are the days when a company dreams up innovative ideas in a silo and expects customers to adopt them. Customers now demand businesses to include them in all aspects of the development process, often participating directly from inception through delivery.

Partnership is the essence of controlling this participation so it doesn’t just become interference. Each party spurs the other on to use their complementary talents to achieve the best outcomes. Collaborative online tools like social networks and wikis, and IP telephony tools like Skype, allow customers to be fully engaged with businesses in a way that was not possible a few years ago.

In this new (virtual) reality, businesses must adopt new technologies and embrace the increasingly blurred lines that comprise the business-customer relationship.

Innovation has long been a hallmark of Maptek’s success. From Vulcan, the world’s first 3D mine planning software, to the revolutionary I-Site laser scanning system, our development has been channelled by customer needs. We operate under the principle that your success is our success.

In 2011, Maptek is celebrating 30 years of delivering innovation to our customers in the mining industry. Business in 2011 has started on a strong note based on robust results in January. 2011 will also see Maptek introduce new products, expand our footprint into India and Canada, and expand our Application Portfolio Management group to eastern Australia.

The highly-anticipated introduction of Eureka and BlastLogic will provide exciting new products for our customers for use in exploration and blast management respectively. New offices in India and western Canada will help us to better serve customers in those growing regions.

Our flagship Vulcan Software business continues to dominate by generating approximately 70% of our global revenue. In addition, 2010 witnessed exceptional progress and success for our I-Site business, with a doubling of previous year’s revenues.

I anticipate 2011 to be a great year for Maptek customers, our business and our people. The passionate commitment to our products, services and most importantly our customers will continue as we look forward to the next 30 years in serving the mining industry.

Barry Henderson
Chief Executive Officer
April 18, 2011

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