PDAC 2012 – Exploration and New Technology

I recently attended the PDAC 2012 Convention (Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada) in Toronto, Canada. As the new Global Marketing Manager, this was the first Maptek trade show that I participated in, and was the largest mining event I have attended thus far. With more than 30,000 industry professionals in attendance, and over 1,000 exhibitors, there was never a dull moment during the four day event.

The show focused largely on exploration and investments in Canada and the United States. Numerous countries and junior exploration companies also had booths showcasing potential mining in their regions.  Attendees from over 120 countries made it evident that the mining industry is growing everywhere. I also met many mining engineering and geology students, proving the need for qualified workers, and showing a promising horizon for the industry.

Additionally, I noticed a focus on responsible mining and new technology at PDAC. From the drilling companies showcasing the latest designs in their drilling rigs and drill bits, to Maptek featuring the latest releases of our 3D modeling and surveying software packages, new technology was a theme shared by many exhibitors. The goal of making potential and existing mine sites as efficient and profitable as possible is now shared among the many companies in the industry.

I primarily worked at the Maptek booth during the trade show and really enjoyed meeting our clients. I heard about how they are currently using our products at their sites, and listened to their suggestions for new features in Vulcan, and unique uses of I-Site. It was fun for me to introduce our products to new exploration companies, and show how we can help them to secure investment.

It was exciting to be a part of the hub of activity, and meet with so many people who are passionate about mining and surveying. Overall, the show was a great learning experience for me.

Karla Fleege
Global Marketing Manager
March 19, 2012

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