Providing value to Mining Engineering students with Vulcan

Maptek often works with universities throughout the world to provide value to students so that they may enter the mining industry with a working knowledge of mining software solutions.

Mining engineering students these days are far ahead of the curve. When I was getting my degree in Mining Engineering we did not have software at our fingertips. Needless to say, studying and applying our theories took more time. Maptek’s work with universities gives students the software tools they need to see their results real-time, and the credentials required to advance their careers.

One great example of the work we have done to aid universities with their educational programs is our work with the Polytechnic University of Manresa (EPSEM).

EPSEM – located in El Bages, a region of northern Spain – was built to honor the potash mining traditions of the area, and prepare and train future professionals for work in that mining sector. In the last century El Bages has supplied Africa and Europe with this important resource.

EPSEM, which belongs to the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, recently decided to acquire Maptek Vulcan academic licensing. Since then, Vulcan has been incorporated into the the curriculum of the Bachelor’s program for Mineral Resources Engineering and the Master’s program for Mining Engineering.

The Maptek U.K. office was brought on board to help EPSEM develop an academic program for the university. The program provides students with Vulcan’s vital workforce tools for geological modelling and mine design.

Recently taking advantage of the summer break, four professors decided to do some extra training with us. With several years of experience in the mining sector, they recognise the advantages of using Vulcan to provide a quality education to their students. And, with three underground room and pillar mines located close to the university, the EPSEM staff showed a particular interest in the underground mine design tools.

For nine days they trained. We covered everything from geological modelling to underground and open pit mine design.

‘The geological modelling, reserve estimation and mine modelling tools are really useful for planning the development of the mines, in fact, Vulcan helped us in our latest 3D seismic geologic exploration campaign, and also in the design of a 4700 m ramp from the plant to the bottom of the mine,’ said Ignacio Cabal, Professor and Director of Mine Planning at the Iberpotash S.A. potash mine.

During the training some lecturers mentioned that a few PhD students showed an interest in using Vulcan for their thesis papers and publication projects. I enjoy hearing about the students and the value they find in our software, as I was once a student myself. The powerful tools available to them through the deployment of Vulcan are surely something I wish I could have used as a resource during my studies!

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Carles Xandri Sola
Sales Consultant
July 17, 2013

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