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Today we live in an instant society – finding information that used to take conversations, phone calls, or extensive research now takes just the touch of a finger or click of a mouse. Our world of instant and real-time information means we can get more done in less time, increase our knowledge and make better decisions.

This is equally pertinent in mining. Seeing live discrepancies between performance and design in drill and blast data means you can react quickly.

BlastLogic makes the most of working in real-time. Having immediate access to data means you can improve execution of drill and blast operations as you go, saving time, energy and money. Engineers and supervisors can pre-empt risk, productivity and cost issues before they emerge in the business. And all the while BlastLogic doesn’t require a change in workflow.

Consider the accurate placement of explosive charge. The mining engineer creates a blast pattern given certain information about the pit, rock types and structures, explosive products and the intended pit design. Drill operators and blast crews build, load and fire the pattern.

Throughout the drill and blast process, the landscape changes and there are discrepancies between design and reality. The process of adapting or validating the design can be cumbersome – manual survey of the holes causes delays in the information pipeline.

BlastLogic combats this head-on, collecting data from various sources, including the major drill navigation systems. Managers and pit supervisors get the data instantly, validate it and move on. The integrated BlastLogic field tablet stores dipping, backfill and charging data, all in real-time.

By using the real-time advantages of technology, BlastLogic aligns mining pretty closely with the instant and information-rich world we all interact in today.

Mark Roberts
Business Manager, Mine Operations
March 27, 2013

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