Renewed optimism for mining markets in 2010

This year has brought renewed optimism to the mining industry. While a feeling of volatility and uncertainty continues, there has been a marked improvement in global commodity demand. The result has been an upturn in the industry outlook, and Maptek is already helping our customers take advantage of this.

As the world economy continues to recover, an abundance of opportunities will arise for Maptek and our customers. The remainder of this year and going into 2011 will present many expected (and unexpected) challenges to all mining-related businesses. Those companies able to quickly adapt their business process and practice to meet the fluctuating requirements in the evolving economic landscape will be in a good position to thrive. Maptek technology will be an essential ingredient in driving and supporting growth.

  • Vulcan – Vulcan product development is aiming towards a more integrated mining solution, applying the core values of stability, power and flexibility. Our clear understanding of mining processes drives our research into applications that will compile, analyse and output the data needed for critical decisions.
  • MineSuite –  Implementations of our MineSuite production management system in Australia, Africa and North America have allowed Maptek to significantly expand our professional services base. Each customised implementation has prompted unique enhancements, leading to a product with even more scalable features and expanded functionality.
  • I-Site –  The launch of Maptek’s much anticipated I-Site 8800 laser scanning system is a highlight of 2010. The extra long-range terrestrial laser scanner with in-built digital panoramic camera is a powerful instrument that is certain to deliver massive efficiencies and operational benefits. Maptek will continue to invest in R&D to maintain our position at the forefront of the industry.
  • Services – We recognise that expert services can make a significant difference to operations. Maptek commits to invest in further expanding Vulcan, I-Site and MineSuite technical services teams, ensuring flexible availability for product training, implementation and consulting.

As ever, listening to our customers and understanding their needs will remain the centrepiece of our strategy. We will continue to invest in areas where we can streamline operations and extend our contribution to the mining value chain.  We will embrace the challenges that we experience going forward and emerge an even stronger company. Maptek appreciates that as stewards we must focus on delivering quality products and services. One thing that has not changed here at Maptek is our recognition that our customers’ success is our success. Here’s to a successful 2010 for the mining community.

Barry Henderson
Chief Executive Officer
May 16, 2010

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