Surely there is a better way for optimising drill & blast!

Mine sites thrive on processes. Mining is a fast paced environment and staff rely on routine to ensure targets are met.

But what about when a site keeps using the same process even though it isn’t working? Every day, week, month, the same problems arise and staff are left thinking ‘surely there is a better way to do this!’

It can be a challenge to move away from old methods but the results are worth it. Think about tasks around drill and blast. Tedious data entry. Time spent scrolling through spreadsheets. Yes, you can access all of your data, and you can create formulas to run calculations. But make a mistake in the formula or make errors in data entry and suddenly the integrity of your data is undermined.

With BlastLogic there is a better way. Here you can visualise the data in 3D, identify trends across multiple blasts and share your findings with colleagues.

All teams work with a single data source. Dipping and blast crews are in the loop. Direct access to drill nav systems tracks drill depth accuracy. Actual explosives used are recorded in the field.

With all of the critical data stored in BlastLogic, if a blast doesn’t perform as expected the records hold the answer. Everyone can see the connections and agree on how to improve performance.

Now that is a better way … view the videos below on inventory management and tie-up design and see for yourself how easily BlastLogic can improve your blast performance.

Mark Roberts
Business Manager, Mine Operations
October 8, 2014

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