Teaching Vulcan to Colorado School of Mines Students

In March, I had the privilege of training 17 students from the Colorado School of Mines in Vulcan software. The students were both undergrad and graduate students in Geology and Mining Engineering anxious to learn skills to make them more successful in internships and after graduation.

Most of the students had never used Vulcan, but recognize that it is widely used in the mining industry and is a tool that will help them be competitive in a difficult job market. The students learned about the Vulcan interface, designing CAD data, importing drillhole data and using visual analysis tools to see ore zones, as well as using triangulations to model open pit mines, orebodies, and underground development.

The course was taught over a three-day period in the evening; the students showed a lot of commitment and dedication to give up their evenings to expand their knowledge. A fourth evening was added for students who wanted assistance with Senior Design projects in Vulcan. I also had the opportunity to visit my alma mater, as one group requested a follow up day a couple of weeks later to get additional help in modelling their geologic resource.

The students were very appreciative of this opportunity and were able to learn a lot in a very limited amount of time. Their willingness to develop skills outside their normal coursework indicates that these students will be excellent additions to the mining industry upon completion of their degrees.

CSM Vulcan training

A group of CSM students working on Senior Design projects.


Ann McCall
Mining Engineer
April 24, 2015

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