Update accelerates underground scanning

Be it in an underground mine or civil operation, time is of the essence when it comes to completing face mapping.

In typical production environments there is a short window for mapping after blasting occurs and material has been hauled and the rock bolt, meshing and shotcreting equipment comes in. In recent years the implementation of face mapping using laser scanners underground has greatly improved the quality of data compared to traditional methods.

Now an update to the Maptek SR3 MkII underground scanner combined with a new and improved underground light has helped reduce scanning tasks by more than half.

A recent trial at an underground civil site in Australia showed the combination of enhanced light and upgraded firmware allows for improved quality scan outputs faster than ever before.

The improvements to the inbuilt camera, in combination with the light, enable the system to handle greater exposure and improve image quality while reducing time at the development heading. 

The new underground light produces light four times brighter in the area of imaging. 

Focused light improves the functionality and quality of the image so you can scan at a lower-resolution setting with better image quality in much shorter time.

This allows operators to get in and out quickly to avoid holding up the production team who run on a strict time schedule.

Another benefit of capturing lower resolution scans is that you save on space on your hard drive, tablet and computer. The smaller, lighter unit makes the entire system easier to carry. 

All up, these are considerable improvements that will contribute to a safer, more efficient survey process and add value for users.

I’m looking forward to seeing this latest technology adopted widely to help streamline underground geological and geotechnical mapping.


Lance Steel
Technical Solution Specialist - Mine Planning
March 24, 2022

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