Vulcan 9 – the most efficient, productive, flexible, and tested version yet

Over the years Maptek has progressively delivered major Vulcan releases more frequently, equipped with updates, fixes and requested functionality from our clients.

Beginning with Vulcan 9, major Vulcan releases will occur once a year, with smaller updates approximately every two months. Why are we doing this? To ensure that you have the highest quality software as soon as possible – allowing you to complete your work quickly, and without frustration or delay.

Our development teams spend a significant amount of time working to improve our processes and procedures.  A major focus over the last two years has been to streamline and improve our software release process. We have automated this process so well that we now create internal releases every day. Before we make them available, these releases are subsequently run through our automated test suite to detect any issues that may exist. However, our dedication to delivering the highest quality product as quickly as possible doesn’t end there…

In the past few years, our software development team has put a code review and testing process in place that works to ensure releases are free of any issues.  After an update is made in Vulcan, the developers responsible are required to have the changes reviewed before they are made part of the official release. In addition, the developers responsible must work with our technical services team to further validate that the update behaves as intended. Finally, our Quality Assurance team ensures that the change has not impacted the rest of the software.

With each release we are improving our quality, expanding our test suites and increasing the number of automated regression tests that we use to validate the product. With our industry-leading quality assurance processes, you can rest assured that each new version has been tested more than the last – allowing you to load and use it right away.

In a few months Vulcan 9 will be released. This release represents the most efficient, most productive, most flexible, and most tested version of Vulcan that we have ever produced.  I highly encourage you to take advantage of the efforts we have put into this release – you will be glad you did!

Scott Schell
Director of Global Product Development - Vulcan
September 25, 2013

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