Vulcan Plotting Tips and Tricks

Batch plotting is a useful and powerful tool that is often overlooked in Vulcan’s available plotting methods.

Plot All Wizard and Quick Plot tools are commonly used options that allow you to create plots quickly from loaded data with very little set up.  Batch plots are easy to reproduce, and data does not need to be loaded to create plots. Set up is easier than you think.

What are some reasons you should invest time in learning to batch plot?

  • You can plot any Vulcan data, including block model slices, complete grid models, or contoured triangulations.
  • Batch plotting provides robust control over plot and data appearance with three possible data views: Plan, Section, and Width. Views can be included or excluded with a single click and will automatically align with one another.
  • You can also create multiple plots along a section line at a set interval.
  • You have the ability to create section lines that are not straight, called Flexed Sections. This allows you to create useful plots such as fence diagrams or unfolded ramps.
  • You can also hard-code certain items to be included on every company plot, such as logos, specific legends, or text.

Although the Batch plotting panel has many options, a Batch Plotting specification can be made quickly. All you need to do is follow a few basic steps:

  1. Load data in Envisage
  2. Create the main plotting view in Envisage
  3. Define a page size
  4.  Define view and data extents
  5. Generate the plot

It’s that easy!

While learning what all of the options in Batch Plotting do, it is a good idea to change only one option at a time, then regenerate the plot. This way, you can easily determine the effects of your change.

For more on batch plotting, watch the Vulcan Plotting Tips & Tricks Webinar below:


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Chris Johnson
Global Online Training Manager
June 10, 2014

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