Vulcan Stope Optimiser – Version 2

I remember years ago when I first got Super Mario Brothers for Christmas. My sister and I loved that game. We didn’t think games could get any better. When Super Mario Brothers 3 came out, we were ecstatic. In Mario 3, you could get a frog suit, hammer suit and the coveted tanooki suit – although similar to Mario 1, it was much better…

For the mining industry, Super Mario Brothers 3 has now arrived in the form of Vulcan Stope Optimiser version 2.

A couple of years ago Stope Optimiser version 1 was released in Vulcan 8.1, and it revolutionised the underground mine design process. In just a few months we will see Stope Optimiser version 2 in the release of Vulcan 9.


Version 2 comes with a load of new functionality to aid the user in the stope design process.  In version 1, things were a bit more rigid, whereas in version 2 you have more flexibility in output, framework, level orientation, and more…

Here are a few things to look forward to in version 2:

  • More robust naming options for the output stope triangulations

  • Ability to specify irregular stope frameworks

  • Options to optimise the framework itself

  • Additional methods for specifying cutoff as well as the inclusion of headgrade cutoff parameters

  • Post-processing options to split, merge or smooth the stope shapes

  • Ability to apply restrictions through conditions and structure surfaces

  • Use of control strings to guide the positions of the stope shapes

  • Inclusion of a new optimisation method – Section Method


What does this mean for the user?

These enhancements reduce the amount of manual manipulation that may be required when using the output data. Stope naming is a huge time saver when plugging these shapes into a long term schedule. The enhancements in version 2 also allow more flexibility in creating a framework that accurately represents your mining method and sequence.

Stope Optimiser version 2 represents a huge leap forward in the world of stope design. The new version will be familiar, but it will have so much more – just like Super Mario Brothers 3. Despite the lack of a tanooki suit, Stope Optimiser version 2 is my new favorite tool.

For more information about this tool or to see a demonstration, please contact your local Maptek office.

Jesse Oldham
Product Market Manager
October 24, 2013

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