What does innovation mean?

We encourage innovation at Maptek – just as many businesses do. In mining, innovation is the key to unlocking competitive advantage.

The dictionary defines innovation as doing something different, or making a change to something. The Latin origin, innovatus means to renew or alter.

To add some context, doing something new is not necessarily innovative in a business sense, just as trying something new for lunch does not make you an innovator!

blocksData driven solutions is the catch cry that can be heard from boardroom to pit floor. The challenge is how to digest all of the data collected throughout the mining lifecycle and turn it into profitable decision making information.

Quick turnaround is essential. There’s only a narrow window for collecting, modelling and analysing data so it can be fed into the next planning cycle. This is where effective solutions can have the most impact and help drive continual improvement. Benefits from tightening the reporting loop flow through ground-level operations to regulatory statements and stock performance.

Technology designed with integration and continuous operations in mind adds the most value. Spatial systems applied to survey and design conformance reporting by day and monitoring by night provide sites with a single, streamlined solution.

harpPurpose built workflows for tackling mine design and mine planning processes allow all stakeholders to achieve reliable, repeatable results. This instills rigour across the operation.

Interactive platforms allow users to easily change visualisation parameters, viewing angles and depth of field. This brings complex datasets to life and reveals spatial connections which enhance analysis of data throughout the various stages of a project. What’s more, users work comfortably in an environment of transparent evaluation and continuous improvement.

Dynamic update of models, schedules and production plans instils confidence that all processes are accessing accurate, current information. New drilling data input to field tablets is instantly updated for design engineers. Automated live feed from GPS drilling is applied to finesse coal seam modelling. New survey data seamlessly updates pit surfaces or highwall locations. Flexible modelling methods allow for streamlined weekly, monthly and annual reserves which in turn guide rapid generation of potential targets. Plans are based on what is actually being mined, providing strategic opportunities to lower costs across the production period.

evolutionOptimised, multi-threaded CPU for intelligent processing creates a perfect balance between feature-rich software and the power of the hardware. Smart level-of-detail viewing presents users with greater resolution as they zoom in to their data with processing power used only where necessary.

Next generation algorithms deliver optimised output alongside the best user experience. Mining engineers can concentrate on applying mine planning concepts, rather than testing their programming skills. Maximum time is available for analysing ‘what if’ scenarios based on changing inputs and conditions.

scanningMarket uncertainty places greater emphasis on the frequency, accuracy and visibility of reporting practices. Innovative solutions which meet the challenges around accuracy, timeliness and integrity of data are backed by reliable and repeatable workflows to ensure trusted models for ongoing business intelligence.

Reliability and repeatability are two of the factors at the heart of the most successful reporting and planning regimes. Timely data allows decision makers to settle on targets, create plans and account for fluctuations.

Innovative data driven technology solutions provide the best insights to increase efficiency without decreasing value.

What does innovation mean to you? How can our innovation help you?

Peter Johnson
Managing Director
September 8, 2015

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