Maptek technology drives continuous improvement in performance, productivity and profitability.

Improve productivity and shareholder value

Maptek offers solutions and enterprise-level integration across the mining life-cycle for all digital data applications. Evolutionary algorithms help solve the complex problems encountered in the real world of mining in a robust, repeatable way. Our unique approach slashes computing time while delivering accurate results.

Maptek develops software and hardware solutions that allow you to accurately sense, capture, model, integrate, analyse and report technical data. We pay close attention to workflows and respond to the demand for practical solutions which exploit your technical data to grow the value of your projects.

Maptek does more than sell software.

Maptek offers solutions and enterprise-level integration across the mining life-cycle for all digital data applications. We listen to your concerns. We develop new tools to solve your problems. We support the products we develop.


Continuous Improvement.

Our technology roadmap outlines the plans and strategies we will invest in for the next 5 years. The Maptek Workbench is a single dynamic platform for accessing all Maptek software and integrating with other mine systems across your enterprise. We re-invest more than 20% of revenue to fund improving outcomes for miners. Workflows and solutions are designed to ensure you spend less time processing data, allowing more time for in-depth analysis and enabling informed decision making.

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When experience counts.

Maptek was founded in 1981 in recognition of the demand for an efficient solution to model geological data for exploration and mine planning. In an era of big data, automation and artificial intelligence, our solutions allow you to exploit the potential of data connectivity throughout the mining execution chain.

Maptek leverages significant mining experience with a strategic approach that incorporates business as well as technical aspects of your projects. Our dedication and domain knowledge is unmatched - we continually produce the smartest approaches and most successful solutions the mining world has seen.

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Maptek represents the mining future.

The Maptek brand is synonymous with innovation, 3D modelling and ease of use, even when solving complex mining challenges. We are the partner of choice for single source mining solutions and standardised workflows.

You can catch Maptek MD Peter Johnson’s address on ‘The Innovation Equation - Mapping a partnership for continuous improvement’ at Future of Mining at SMC Conference & Function Centre in Sydney, May 14-15.