Maptek I-Site Studio 3.3 – greater efficiency for survey scan data modelling

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

Surveyors will gain further efficiencies with Maptek’s latest software release. Improvements to the I-Site Studio 3.3 laser scan modelling software are designed to streamline routine mine surveying tasks.

Automatic toe and crest detection saves time in open pit surveys. Surveyors can easily update mine models, which can also be made available for both mine planners on site and regulatory authorities. This builds on the open pit update tool in I-Site Studio 3.2, which allows users to scan selected sections of a pit and integrate the new data into the current pit model.

A new global registration tool uses a single step process to register multiple scans and objects together. This saves time for surveyors, who previously had to match pairs of objects/data. Accuracy is also increased because fewer registrations means fewer chances for error. This tool is especially useful with the new Maptek I-Site Vehicle System, where the scanner is mounted on mine site vehicles. Another enhancement for the vehicle system allows users to register scans by back-bearing of alignment angle.

Viewing sections through laser scan data is now easier, with an interactive tool which allows users to arbitrarily place and manipulate sections planes.

I-Site Studio 3.3 incorporates many user suggestions – for example, surveyors have specifically asked to be able to label elevations on generated contour lines – a standard mapping task made even easier.

‘Maptek is continually developing new capabilities within our products. This means the best available technology for our customers’, said Maptek I-Site General Manager, Peter Johnson.

As with any software release, I-Site Studio 3.3 includes many enhancements. The number of selected objects and primitives can be dynamically displayed. The language interface is chosen automatically based on the PC settings. Users can submit reports to Maptek directly from within I-Site Studio.

I-Site Studio is sold bundled with Maptek laser scanners, or as a standalone modelling package. The 64-bit version has set the industry standard for excellence in graphics and modelling. Photography from multiple scans can be incorporated as part of the modelling process, with rendering and animation options delivering professional quality, high fidelity digital video output.

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