New Maptek vehicle mount increases survey efficiency

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

An innovative device allows Maptek™ I-Site™ laser scanners to be mounted on site survey vehicles, and operated remotely from the cab, saving time and improving safety.

Australian trials have proved the value of the ruggedised, shock absorbing mount which attaches an I-Site 4400 series scanner to a common survey vehicle. Typical stockpile and pit surveys have been conducted in 35% less time.

Reduced tripod setup accounts for most of the time savings, with further gains in the simultaneous acquisition of high resolution top of coal data compared to total station methods.

The mount can be left on the vehicle permanently, while the built-in ‘quick-connect’ power and LAN adapter, combined with a quick release mechanism, allow the scanner to be easily removed for safe storage.

Recent trials scanning coal highwalls, active mining areas and iron ore stockpiles have proved the flexibility and efficiency of the vehicle mount system.

‘At one site, we installed roof racks AND the mount on a regular site vehicle in around 30 minutes after arrival’, said Jason Richards, I-Site Sales Manager, Australia. ‘We were ready to start scanning just as the site manager came out with a request for a previously unscheduled survey of the pit and ROM pad’.

‘Stop-go scanning means greater coverage and eliminates tripod setup time’, added Richards. ‘A job that would have taken 2 surveyors 4 days, was completed in 1 day by 1 surveyor. And we’re talking deliverable reports and accurate volumes in that time.’

‘Being able to drive around the stockpiles to quickly collect data for accurate volumes is a huge benefit when you’ve got a deadline, such as an ore train arriving in one hour’, he concluded.

With the new mount, there is no need to use specially prepared vehicles. A bigger pool of site vehicles can be called on, and downtime is minimal when swapping between vehicles.

Reducing the need to walk over dangerous ground, and limiting the scanner carry time, improve health and safety. Interruption to other site operations is virtually eliminated.

In summary, the benefits of mobile scanning with the I-Site 4400 mount include coverage of large areas in much less time, money saved on equipment, and safer site survey practices.

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