APCOM sponsorship

Monday, March 15th, 2010

Maptek’s Eric González talks about the importance of involvement with computer applications research.

Why did Maptek feel it was important to attend APCOM?

APCOM is the specialised venue for computer applications in mining. It’s a recognised platform for new technologies and research results to be demonstrated to the industry. This isn’t the first time we’ve sponsored this event.

We also sponsor one of the presenters, the University of Alberta. It’s important for Maptek to have a presence at APCOM because we gain insight into the research and innovations of various research groups. It also helps us promote these innovations to the mining community. Much of the research will ultimately drive part of our development of Vulcan.

What were some of the areas of focus at APCOM?

The two main themes were optimisation/mine planning research, and resource determination and simulation. The optimisation and mine planning research is of particular importance because of its implications for Chronos development.

Why does Maptek sponsor the University of Alberta?

We sponsor them, and others, because they are at the forefront of research and innovation, defining the future of computer technology for the mining industry in their focus areas. The University of Alberta was actually a finalist for the most innovative student presentation. Our sponsorship gives us an inside track into the future of mining technology. We can leverage our partnership in practical ways, using their knowledge in our product development.

Will Maptek continue involvement with APCOM in the future?

It’s important for us to continue to sponsor APCOM and research institutions. The next APCOM, which will be held in Australia in 2011, is an opportunity for Maptek to take an even more active role by participating in some of the research presentations. Some of our newest technology like HARP, Underground Grade Control and MineSuite is a perfect fit for APCOM and would demonstrate how Maptek continues to be a leading-edge innovator in mining technology.

‘The best thing about APCOM is being able to see the trends, the future really, of where computing applications for mining are heading.’

Eric González, Vulcan Product Development

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